On October 12, 2008 Richard launched aboard Russian Soyuz rocket TMA-13 and became the first second-generation American astronaut. During his 2 week mission aboard the ISS, Richard conducted experiments on behalf of NASA, ESA, and The Nature Conservancy; performed commercial space studies; created original works of art in space and hosted the first art exhibition in space; and produced educational videos aboard the ISS with the help of students across the US and the UK on what it was like to live in space.

“This is the goal I have been working towards for 30 years.”
~Richard Garriott de Cayeux

Since no expedition is complete without sharing the experiences and discoveries with the world, Richard also became the first astronaut to film each step of his spaceflight. From astronaut training to rocket launch and re-entry through quarantine, Richard documented every task, emotion, and data point during the journey culminating in a the commercial space documentary “Man on a Mission”, which received SXSW 2010 Audience Award, was released in theaters in 2012, and is  available on DVD and Amazon Video.