Covering 5 billion years of history and incorporating thousands of objects, the Britannia Manor Collections includes Martian meteorites, shrunken heads, dinosaur eggs, and authentic medieval armor. The Collections are currently on display at Britannia Manor IV.

“For us collecting is about storytelling and sharing these stories. Each object has a defining story but together they tell a much bigger story, including the story of Earth and life on Earth and the story of humanity.”
~Laetitia & Richard Garriott de Cayeux

These collections, however, are only as famous as the homes which have hosted them. The first was Britannia Manor I located in New-Hampshire. The second was Britannia Manor II located in Austin, TX. The third, Britannia Manor III, is in Austin, TX and still under construction. And the fourth, Britannia Manor IV is in New York.

Take a tour of Britannia Manor IV: