Founding Father of Gaming

The First Computer Games

– Developed the first computer role playing games (RPGs)
– Invented the style of “Tile Graphics” to showcase a top-down scrolling world
– Created the first 3D dungeon environments

New Ideas

– Invented of the category of “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games” and the term MMORPG
– Popularized the term “Avatar” as a virtual representation of one’s self
– Introduced the term “Shards” as copies of reality and copies of identical original server data

Immersive Worlds

– Among the first to sell games in a box
– First to distribute games with real cloth maps, artifacts, and trinkets from the virtual game world

Revolutionary Gameplay

– First games to test players’ ethics through “Virtues”
– First games to develop Avatars based on the personality profiles of real players
– First RPG games with NPC’s on complex daily schedules
– First RPG that allowed free form interactive conversations with all NPCs
– Introducing “Selective Multiplayer” favoring friends to be visible for interaction in his new game Shroud of the Avatar